Vega’s uSitebuilder is an open source (LPGL) framework created for .NET developers to accelerate and streamline their Umbraco based development projects. Our objective is to enable back-end developers to adhere to the .NET standards with minimal external interaction, and to facilitate the automation of their deployments.


  • Design your document types as classes in Visual Studio.
  • Design your templates as master pages in Visual Studio.
  • Use code-behind in your templates.
  • Use web user controls instead of xslts and macros.
  • Use strongly typed templates to render a specific document type.
  • Use strongly typed user controls to render a specific document type.
  • Compile time error checks for document types and templates.
  • Source controlled document types, templates, user controls etc...
  • Support for Unit testing and Continuous Integration.
  • Ability to work on large scale projects with multiple team members each having his/her own installation and database.
  • Support for automated deployments.
  • Much easier code maintenance since development through Umbraco website is reduced to minimum.
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How it works?

Create your document types as collections of classes, templates as master pages and controls as standard ASP .NET Web user controls.

Here you can see some of our Tutorial’s

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Mon 24 Jan 11 14:44
Website is live. The website for uSiteBuilder is now live and contains a few tutorials and articles already. - uSiteBuilder - website

Wed 15 Sep 10 14:44
Release 1.0 is ready. First version of uSiteBuilder has be released today. - Vega IT Sourcing

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